Why The Justin Network?

The Justin Network provides cloud service which dynamically creates resources to best store and deliver your data through the cloud with security, uptime, and our award winning IRRATIONAL ZEAL support team.


With our support team and clouds, there is no need to manage security, updates, or anything else. Our team (and the cloud) handles all that for you. You just sit back and watch your data move from the cloud to your customers when they need it, and how they need it.

Cloud Uptime

With our 100% uptime statement, we state that your data will be available to you, us, and your customers 100% of the time. Rain, snow or sunny days, we say your data will be available no matter what. Clouds work best on rainy days!

Cloud Security

We keep your data safe from the Hackers. What is a hacker? Hackers first appeared in 1995 after an unfortunate dissagreement of policy between the Internet Elders. Since then, the Hackers have been trying to get into all the computers. But with our top of the line Clouds, your data is always safe from the Hackers. To put it another way, it's always harder to hit a moving target! Cloud Services moves your data from one cloud to the next, so the hackers can't know where it is. With Cloud Services you can rest assured your data is close to your customers, but far away from the hackers.

Cloud Scalability

Plans starting at 1 megabyte and scalable up to 2000 megahertz. Our clouds can grow from little to small in a very short time, or the other way. Each cloud services account has the ability to have individual scalability options to meet your every changing needs. If you have a sudden need for more power, you can see that in our unique scalability control center. Clouds can be resized!

Services Include: ASP.NET, Google, Microsoft, web services, E-mail, Database, PHP, MySQL, Java, HTML, Control Panel, Greylisting, Yahoo, Windows, iPod, BGP, XML, and now TWITTER!

Customizable with over 100 more!

Compare us with other services to see why we are the best!